Terms for creators

admitad GmbH (hereinafter “Admitad ConvertSocial”), registered at Lise-Meitner-Str. 8, 74074 Heilbronn, Germany, manages Admitad ConvertSocial at https://convertsocial.admitad.com/ and provides Creators with the opportunity to work with Admitad ConvertSocial Brands’ Affiliate Programs. To use Admitad ConvertSocial, the Creator agrees to unconditionally comply with these Terms of Use (hereinafter the “Terms”).

The participants of Admitad ConvertSocial are Brands, Creators, and Admitad ConvertSocial.

Brands are entities that define the terms of Affiliate Programs and provide opportunities for advertising their goods and services through Referral Links. 

Creators are entities that publish Referral Links on specified Social Media accounts.

Admitad ConvertSocial is an online platform at the domain convertsocial.admitad.com, which enables users of various social media channels (hereinafter referred to as “Creators”) to create product links for recommendations (“Referral Links”) via the Admitad ConvertSocial Link Generator and to publish them in social media channels. These product links can be clicked on and used by interested parties to obtain product information and make purchases.

1. General Provisions

1.1 In order to use Admitad ConvertSocial’s services and platform, Creators must register on the website at the domain convertsocial.admitad.com. The registration is carried out using the Creator’s email address, a self-created password, and a username.

1.2.By submitting the registration form, the Creator acknowledges these Terms and accepts the Agreement (Offer) for their participation in Admitad ConvertSocial.

1.3. The Creator agrees to create only one account.

1.4. Registration is available to persons aged 18 and up. 

1.5. These Terms are part of the contractual agreements between Admitad ConvertSocial and Сreators.  These Terms regulate the use of the services at the domain www.convertsocial.admitad.com and the use of other services of Admitad ConvertSocial.

1.6  Use of Admitad ConvertSocial is always free of charge for Creators. There is no obligation to use Admitad ConvertSocial. Furthermore, every Creator is free to decide at any time whether, when, and to what extent he/she wants to be active on Admitad ConvertSocial or whether he/she wants to discontinue his/her activity.

1.7. Creators with non-publicly visible social media accounts or empty accounts are not eligible to use Admitad ConvertSocial. A claim to participation in the Admitad ConvertSocial platform’s services does not exist. Admitad ConvertSocial reserves the right to exclude Creators from use of the platform.

1.8.  Admitad ConvertSocial reserves the right to set the compensation for incorrectly used Affiliate Links to zero.

1.9. After completing the registration process and activating his/her account, the Creator may use the Admitad ConvertSocial’s services. The Creator may change the data provided upon registration in his/her account except for his/her username.

1.10. These Terms shall prevail over any terms provided by the Creator.

1.11. The Creator’s participation in Admitad ConvertSocial does not create any contract between the Creator and any Brand.

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